Marquette District Learning Fair: Church After Hours

Rev. Jerry Herships of Church AfterHours
Rev. Jerry Herships of Church AfterHour

A guy walks into a bar………..

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it’s actually the beginning of a ministry. Jerry Herships is a standup comedian turned United Methodist pastor. He founded AfterHours Denver, a “faith in action community” that meets on Monday nights in bars around town. The John Wesley model of taking God to the people became the cornerstone of Jerry’s ministry. AfterHours members live their faith by feeding the homeless seven days a week.

Jerry says, “Methodism is a faith that’s born to be out in the world. We’re not about pretension. We’re here to help you have an authentic relationship with God. And I’ve seen that happen in cathedrals and I’ve seen that happen in country churches. And I’ve seen it happen in bars.”

Hear Jerry’s story in a place not too different from where his ministry takes place.