From Membership to Discipleship

with Dr. Phil Maynard, Director of Excellence in Ministry Coaching –

Part 1: Foundations

This session will introduce your discipleship team to a core definition for discipleship, differentiate between discipleship and Christian Education, describe six dimensions of life lived as a disciple, present a fl ow of moving disciples toward maturity, and introduce the Discipleship Growth Survey as a tool to support personal discovery and opportunities for congregational growth.

Part 2: Movements

Differentiate between membership and discipleship, make observations about the movement toward maturity, identify catalysts for spiritual growth, explore the practices necessary to move a disciple toward maturity between each of the phases of development.

Part 3: Discipleship as a Contact Sport

Discipleship is not a one-size fits-all but it does require a relational component. Explore a variety of discipling relationships, the value of each, and where each best fits in the discipleship process.

Part 4: Equipping for Transformation (How we support the Discipling Process)

Discover what types of relationships and educational support work best for supporting disciples in the various phases of development. Understand the five components every disciple needs to grow and how the church can help.

Part 5: Building an Intentional Discipleship Process

Learning from the best in history, participants identify the key elements of a transformational discipleship process, identify strengths and gaps in their current context, and build a plan for moving forward.

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